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Hey there, I’m a web developer who likes to talk shop. I’m interested in digital accessibility, website performance, and building websites that produce meaningful personal and business results. I strive to surround myself in both my work life and personal life with folks smarter and more experienced than me, so far I think I’ve done okay.

A personal philosophy of mine is that we grow better together. In the agency world I learned sharing  what I know often leads to others sharing what they know with me. That's lead to personal skills growth, and getting referrals from top competitors. Collaboration with competitors on open source projects that solve our collective needs has lead to skill development, a sense of community, new opportunities, and a fun career.

People in tech whom I think are awesome and deserve some positive attention

Jen Simmons, Olia Gozha, Emma Bostian, Gonzalo TorrerasKelly Vaughn, BJ Szyjakowski, Sidney Buckner, Ali Spittel, Judith Heumann, Chris Coyier, Sarah Drasner, Mark Ryba, Una Kravetz, Dave Rupert, Scott Tolinski, Wes Bos, Dharmesh Shah.

I have so many amazing coworkers at HubSpot, I don't want to play favorites in the workplace, but I encourage you to engage with us online. We don't bite... most of the time.

Organizations I think are awesome and deserve some positive attention

HubSpot, Spin Group, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Ukrainian Red Cross

The list is a mix of companies big and small, as well as charitable organizations. Over time I'll add more to this list, but I aim to keep the list small to focus attention.